We are also providing you to add multiple asset at once through excel sheet, apart from adding them single one.To upload multiple asset you need to download a template or we can say that sample file from our application.Before adding multiple asset through excel sheet firstly you need to create all core data which is mandatory for adding any asset and they are like asset category,asset location,asset condition,and asset status which is fistly goes in "Unallotted In stock" status.

fill the data according to template or sample file and follow the these steps:


  1. Go to Import Data > Asset
  2. Click on " Click here to download a template file for uploading assets" to download the template file.
  3. Fill the asset details according to template file.
  4. On the Import Asset page, choose your Excel file which is to be uploaded. The data will be displayed in the table below along with errors, if any.
  5. Click on "Save" button after resolving all errors, to add these assets.
NOTE: Upload Excel files in .CSV fromat

 See how:uploading multiple asset_16062016.gif