With the help of custom fields you can add more information to your asset details. The fields you add in Custom fields will reflect in 'Add Asset' form and 'Import Asset'.

There are two ways of adding custom fields:

  1. Added through Custom field form (These fields will be displayed by default in asset form till you don't delete the field from Custom field form)
  2. Adding for a single asset in Asset form (This field can be added for single asset and it will not be there when Add asset form is opened again) 

Steps for Adding through Custom field form

  1. Go to application settings.
  2. Select custom field.
  3. Write the field name.
  4. Click on save.

The field that you will add on custom form will always appears on add asset and Import asset form. If you delete a custom field, it will no longer appear in Add asset and Import asset but the values filled in the assets will be there and can be checked on viewing asset.

In the example below, we are going to add field name "Quantity" on add asset form.

Steps for adding Custom Field through asset form

  1. Click on Add asset.
  2. Scroll down and click on +ADD button.
  3. Enter the column name and its value.
  4. Click on save.

The custom field that you will add on add asset form will be not  permanent, you will have to add every time when you will open the form. See how it works: