Whenever an employee raises request for an asset, we can choose for the supervisors to approve or reject the request. 

The admin can select an order of approval. The approval process will move accordingly, i.e. the approver who was added to the list first, will be the first one to approve and the list will move on accordingly. If any of the approver(s) deny the request, that particular asset request will be cancelled.

The following Flowchart depicts the flow of an asset approval process:



  1. User1 adds a request and selects User2 as approver
  2. User2 will login and select Reports> Asset Request Approval
  3. User2 selects the request. Popup form will open.
  4. User2 selects Approve/ Reject from Approval Status dropdown.
  5. User1 will login and can check Status of the request (Approved/ Rejected)