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Activities Completed Report

Activities Completed Report 

Home Screen > Reports > Schedules & Maintenance > Activities Completed 

The user can view all completed activities in this report. The user can also view deleted activities by clicking on the view delete activity button. Click on the Activities Completed Report from the Reports menu under Schedules & Maintenance, the page will open as shown below: 

The user can filter the Activity on the basis of: 
  • Activity Type 

  • Assignee 

  • Asset Category 

  • Location 

  • Vendor 

  • Date 

  • User Group 

Users can also filter the complete Activity Report on the basis of an asset and without asset. This option is available on the top side filters.

The Activities Completed are displayed in the grid with the following information. Users can download this report in Excel format by clicking on the Export to Excel option.





Activity No 

A type of serial number for an Activity 

Ticket No 

Any ticket created for the Activity. 

Asset Code 

Asset code, if activity was scheduled for an asset 

Asset Name 

Asset name, if activity was scheduled for an asset 

Amount To Be 

Amount associated or not (Paid, Received, No Amount, Utility) 


Asset location 

Due Date 

Date when activity started 


User to whom the activity was assigned. 

Vendor Name 

Name of vendor, if vendor was required for the Activity 

Date Completed 

Date when activity was completed 


Amount associated with an Activity 

Activity Type 

Type of activity 

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