How To Add Multiple Item to the inventory list l Inventory Management

Adding a Multiple Item to the inventory list

Adding a Multiple Item to the inventory list. 

Menu > Import data > Items 


Sometimes a user may have a list of new items that are to be added to the inventory list. One can upload multiple items at once along with their other details too through the below screen at once. 


While using this window User can upload the items along with their stocks/quantity in a single Go 


Adding a Multiple Items to the inventory list. 

You can add multiple items to the inventory list at once using this window. 


You can also download a template that can be uploaded on this screen to upload multiple assets at once. Downloading reference files allows you to take a look at parameters already fed to the system and supports you to further create a dataset to upload the data using the excels. 


Fill in the following details while considering the following details 

  1. Date Format: MM/DD/YYYY 

  1. Item, Category, Asset Code, Unit, Description, Location, Rate, Quantity, Batch No, Batch Date, HSN Code, Item Code Is Mandatory Field.

Mode: The status of items being added. Only the inventory movement status created under the ADD-TYPE of status will be displayed under this drop-down. 

Addition date: The date on which item is being added to the system. The future date cannot be entered here the data uses only current or backdate. 

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