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Barcodes Scanned Report

Barcodes Scanned Report 

Menu > System Logs > Barcodes Scanned 


Scanned barcodes allow the user to view that at which location and by whom the assets were scanned, at what time and on which date using the mobile App. 

At the top user can see several filters as explained below: 





A range of dates for which user wishes to see the number of assets that were scanned 


Multiple categories can be selected for which user wishes to generate a report of scanned barcodes 

Asset Name 

User can select a particular asset for which they want to see Barcodes Scanned Logs Report 

Asset location 

Multiple Locations can be selected for which user wishes to generate a report of scanned barcodes 



The grid below the filter shows the reports based on filters applied. There are several columns on the grid that can be viewed, as explained below: 



Asset Code 

 An unique asset code 

Asset Name 

Name of the asset 


Category to which the asset belongs 


Brand name of the asset  

Serial Number 

Serial number of the Asset 


If the Asset is present in the application or not. 

Scan Date and Time 

Time and Date of Barcode scanned 

Asset Location 

Location of Asset 

Scan Location 

Location at the time of the scan 

Scan by 

Name of the user. It uses the username through which the user logged into the portal. 


Name of the user to whom the asset is assigned. 


The same report can be downloaded through Export to Excel with all the columns visible in the grid. 


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