How To Create Customized System-Generated Code Formats l Asset Infinity

Creating Customized System-Generated Code Formats

Creating Customized System-Generated Code Formats 

Advanced Settings System Generated Code Formats 

In accordance with its requirements, an organization can generate its own format of auto-generated system codes. These codes depend on the type of category or location to which the assets are being added or can include a fixed text with running numbers. System codes can be generated with different combinations of these options.


Click on System Generated Code FormatsA new screen appears 

Here several fields can be seen. 








For those user wants codes to be generatedcan be Asset, GRN. Purchase order, Requisition, Items. 



Text1 & Text2 

These can be used to add custom free text between the code. 





Category code or location code or both can be included while creating a custom format. 



Category code can be included only in Asset. Item codes. Do not include location code. 

Running Number 

Up to what digits the running number should be used. 


Only numbers 


Reset Running Number means whenever new asset is added to a new category or new location, the asset code starts from the very beginning for that particular category of location. User can also change the asset code based on the location of the asset while transferringby turning on the slider in the bottom left 


The below screen shows how the user can see a real-time format being generated while selecting the above options: 



Users can also re-order the placement of options in the asset code by dragging the blocks to the desired position. 



Using this part i.e. the list of formats generated, users can delete, enable, or export these formats to Excel. 

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