How To Customize Asset Form l Advanced Settings l Asset Infinity

Customizing Asset Form

Customizing Asset Form 

Advanced Settings > Customize Asset Form          


In Asset Infinity, user can customize their Asset form. An organization can re-order the fields as required and create new sections with easy drag and drop features. The Main Fields or Custom Fields can be re-arranged under different sections and can be set to be hidden or displayed. Users can also decide whether they wish to keep the fields mandatory or not.   

A new screen appears, 

  1. The page is divided into different tabs – Main, Additional, Purchase, Allotted Information, and Custom Fields. Every one of the sections above has a number of fields set to be under standard classification. Users can re-arrange the order of these fields under different sections. 


  1. Users can drag and drop fields from one tab to another. To add a field, the user can use the Custom Field page. All custom fields made with asset addition form will be displayed under the custom field section and can also be moved to another section by simple drag and drop action. 


  1. Users can add more sections in the form. These sections can hold custom fields or main fields, as required. Users can make such changes. 


  1. Mark the checkbox to make a field mandatory. 


Click on the Save button to update the changes. Changes are reflected: 

  • While we Manage Roles & Permissions using User Settings. 

  • When we add a new Asset. On clicking on adding new assets on the Homepage, the form appears and the fields are arranged as per the settings changed here.  

  • OHOT (Hands-On Table) where we Bulk upload the assets. 

  • While we Manage the asset Grid on the Homepage. 


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