Customizing Asset information on Asset Display Grid l Asset Infinity

Customizing Asset information on Asset Display Grid

Customizing Asset information on Asset Display Grid 


Users can manage the asset display grid according to their preferences. The columns present in the asset display tracker can be rearranged and even set to be Hidden or In-DisplayWhile scrolling down on the Homepage, the user can see this icon  above the asset grid. 



On clicking this Icon, a new screen popup. 



From here, the user can control what all fields should be displayed on the asset display grid by selecting the checkboxes under the Grid column header. When the user exports the asset list to Excel, they can control which all fields would be included in the Export. This can be controlled by selecting the checkboxes under the Export column header. The next column acknowledges the field type whether it is the main type or a Custom Type. 


Fields can be re-ordered using the movement arrows in the extreme left columns. The order set here gets reflected in the asset display grid. 



To save these settings, click oSave. 

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