How To Customize Barcode or QR labels l Advanced Settings

Customizing Barcode/QR labels

Customizing Barcode/QR labels 

Advanced Settings Barcode Templates 



A new screen appears. 

User can design their own barcode templates in the application. Designing own QR/Barcode labels allows user to create a customized tag which can be pasted on assets. These tags can be further scanned using Asset Infinity Mobile App. This is useful for processes like Auditing and Asset tracking. 


Here user can see fields, No. of columnsThis enables us to configure the number of barcodes that can be printed in one row depending upon the paper size the user chooses to print barcodes upon. 

PDF type allows users to select the format of printing. 

The template name is a name by which the user can save the template 

Description allows users to enter reference text related to that template. 

Below this, the user can see to slider bars that allow to adjust height and width of the barcode being designed. 

Further below, there is a responsive dynamic editable area that allows users to drag and drop the required fields that they may require in the new template. These fields can be Free Text, Asset Code, Name Brand, or any other field that users used while uploading asset details. 

Few Drag-drop buttons available hold certain configurable features such as: 

  • Free text - Users can enter custom text while designing barcodes. 

  • Barcode Label QR-Label – User can decide which type of feature to use when they choose to use a QR label. Further, they can decide whether to keep a unique ID for every label formed by just double-clicking on the button. 

By clicking on Save, the template gets saved.  


This Grid allows the user to manage the barcode templates created. Users can View, Update or Delete templates from here. 


Printing Barcode/QR labels 


To print Barcode/QR labels, the user needs to select the asset(s) and click on this button.  


A new tab opens where the user can see the barcodes have been generated and are ready to be printed. The drop-down shows all the barcode formats the user has already designed using Barcode Template designer 

A PDF is created with details and QR/Barcode similar to the image shown below. Users can view all the details on the sticker that they designed to display when creating the template. 


Click here to see how to Configure Barcode Printers. 


Standard Configuration 

  • The font size of the text on labels can be modified as per requirements. 

  • Barcodes can be printed either on an A4 print sheet format or as single barcode sized PDFs. 


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