How To Customize SO Form l Application Settings l Asset Infinity

Customizing SO Form

Customizing SO Form 

Homepage > Application Settings > Service Order Settings 

Service Order Settings help the user define their default Service Order print in the application. Users can fill the form accordingly and changes on the Service Order Settings page will be reflected in the Service Order generation page. The below form opens up: 

Conditions applicable on Service Order: (Mark the checkbox given next to required condition) 



Enable tax selection and calculation at line item level?  

If user marks on checkbox, then tax is shown line- wise, otherwise tax is shown on total amount on service order form.  

Allow back date Service Orders?  

If user marks the checkbox, then in SO form, Service Order date can also accept back date, otherwise it accepts current date.  

Allow future date Service Orders?  

If user marks on the checkbox, then in Service Order form, date can also accept future dates, otherwise it accepts current date.  

Enable Discount selection and calculation at line item level?  

If user marks on checkbox, then discount is shown line-wise, otherwise it is shown on total amount in Service Order form.  

 Discount based on -%  

If user marks the checkbox, then discount is deducted on percentage basis on Service Order form, otherwise on amount basis.  

Round Off on total amount  

If user marks on the checkbox, then in SO form total amount is shown in rounded off form, otherwise not.  

Some other fields visible below these checkboxes are explained below: 




Default SO Number 

SO Number  



Header is used to as per company address. 


Terms and conditions  

User can add multiple terms and conditions.  


Vendor Fields  

Only checked fields will be visible here on Service Order generation page. 


Payment Terms  

User can add multiple payment terms.  


Upload Signature  

User can add multiple signatures.  


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