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Depreciation Report

Depreciation Report 

Menu > Reports > Depreciation Report > Depreciation Report 

Depreciation calculation program. Gives the ability to choose different methods of depreciation calculation while generating reports.  

WDV (Written Down Value) - It is also known as Reducing Balance or Reducing Installment Method or Diminishing Balance Method. Under this method, the depreciation is calculated at a certain fixed percentage each year on the decreasing book value commonly known as WDV of the asset (book value less depreciation).

SLM (Straight Line Method) - Straight-line depreciation is the default method used to recognize the carrying amount of a fixed asset evenly over its useful life. Users can also view Depreciation Monthly and Yearly Reports for the Assets. Users can view Depreciation Monthly Reports for the Assets. Go to the Reports button, click on the Depreciation Reports and select the report as per requirement.

Field Name 


Depreciation Method 

Select the depreciation method 


Calculate Yearly wise or Monthly wise 

Financial Start Month 

Select the month start month of financial year 

Financial Year 

Select the financial year 


Select asset category 

Asset Location 

Select asset location for reports 


User can search anything. 

The report can be exported to excel by clicking on the downward arrow at the top right.

The report will reflect the following values.

Field Name 


Asset Code 

Asset code generated for an asset 

Asset Name 

Asset name 


Category is a group of assets; the selected categories will be reflected in the grid. 

Cap. Date 

Depreciation will be calculated based upon the capitalization date of asset (and if capitalization date is absent then it’ll be calculated on the basis of asset’s purchase date). 

Cap. Amount  

Total expenses including the purchase price, capitalization price of the asset is reflected. 

End Of Life Date  

End of Life as defined while adding asset. 

Salvage Amount 

Salvage value, also called scrap value, is the value of an asset after it has come to the end of its useful life. 

Opening Amount  

 Amount incurred by an asset when it is added. 

Dep. Amount. 

Depreciated value of an asset. 

Accumulated Dep. Amt. 

The cumulative depreciation of an asset up to a for the point of asset life 

Bal. Amt. 

Balance amount for depreciation 


User can write comments. 

Accumulated Depreciation till Date  

Accumulated Dep. Amt. and Accumulated Dep. till Date is always same. 


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