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Email Logs

Email Logs 

Menu > System logs Email Logs 



It is a mailing record. Asset infinity application sends several types of emails related to NotificationRemindersTransfers, and such other transactions being made through the system. To keep a track of these E-Mails, a log is maintained where the user can see whether the particular email was sent or not. 


It displays all the emails sent from the user’s account: 


At the top, user can see filters which are used to create a filtered log report 




From Date 

Insert From Date  

To Date 

Insert To Date  

Email To 

Search Email wise Mail. 


The grid below the filter shows reports based on the filters applied. There are several columnin the grid that can be viewed, as explained below 



Email Subject  

 Subject of the email 

Email Sent to  

 User email ID  

Email CC  

 User email ID 

Record Creation Date  

 Date when a record was added to the log 

Is Delivered  

 Status: Yes/No 

Delivery Date  

 Date when mail was delivered 


The same report can be downloaded through Export to Excel with all the columns that are visible in the grid. 


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