Extending the date of an Audit

Extending the date of an Audit

How To: Extend the Date of an Audit in Asset Infinity

This helps the user to extend the date of an audit activity by a certain number of days, thereby ensuring that their audit activity does not end on the earlier mentioned date and is instead extended to the newly entered time, as per the unique requirement of the business.

Use the below given path to navigate to Manage Audit-

Menu > Audits & Physical Verifications > Manage Audit

A user can extend the date of an audit activity by a certain number of days by following the steps given below-

1. Go to manage audit form as show below.

2. After landing the manage audit screen, Click the three-dot icon/Kebab Menu of the audit whose date you wish to extend. Now click the Extend Date sub-menu icon as shown below-

3. Enter a new date for the Audit in the Extend Date pop-up and click ob Update button.

Audit date can’t be extended in the following cases-

1.The audit is an expired one.  

2.The audit is created on current date and the end date is also of present date.  

3.We can’t update the date of an audit to a previous date i.e. if an audit is from April 3’ 2020 to April 7’ 2020, we cannot make it to April 6’ 2020.

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