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Extracting Discarded/Sold Assets Report

Extracting Discarded/Sold Assets Report 

Reports > Assets Management > Discarded/Sold Assets 


As the name suggests, this report helps the user to obtain the list of discarded or sold assets. 


User can filter out assets on the basis of StatusLocation and Search (Universal search filter).




User can select Restore and Delete an asset permanently from this list. 

  • To Restore, select the asset from the list and click on Restore button present above the grid. 

  • A spreadsheet opens up. According to the status of the asset mentioned before discarding of the asset, that will be displayed. 

  • After updating information, click on Save button. The asset will be added in the asset register on the Homepage.

To Delete an asset, select asset from the list and click on Delete button present above the grid. 
  • A dialogue box opens up. Click on Delete option. The asset will be deleted. 




If the user wants to Export the Discarded/Sold Asset Reportthey can simply select the option mentioned next to Cross icon used for data export as mentioned below: 

  • Copy to Clipboard: Through this option, user can simply copy data from the Discarded/Sold Asset Report and paste to the desire location as per the preference. 

  • Export to Excel: Through this option, user can export all data directly to their system in Excel format. 

  • Refresh: Through this option, user can refresh Discarded/Sold Asset Report. 




User can also Manage the Grid under Discarded Assets List through the Manage Grid iconnext to Export to Excel option. Under the Manage Grid option, only the main asset column will be displayed. 



User can manage the grid from here by selecting the option to show or not to show any column in Grid/Export by marking the check box as required. User can also move the column in a grid upward or downward to manage the grid view. 

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