How To: Add/Create Reason(s) in Asset Infinity

How To: Add/Create Reason(s) in Asset Infinity

In Asset Infinity, 'Reason' refers to the various reasons that can be added/stated against a Ticket Type later to go on to mention why a certain ticket type was created and what its purpose is. Following the steps below, a user can add/create any number of reasons in this feature that can then be used to create ticket types which will subsequently be mapped to the Ticket being raised:

Menu > Helpdesk > Helpdesk Settings > Reason


User can add different Reasons in the system using this screen

To add a Reason, click on ‘Create’ button.

Upon clicking, the following screen will appear

Fill in the Description of the Reason in this field.

Once you are done, click on save.

This will add a new Reason in the system.

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