How To: Create/Add a Canned Response in Asset Infinity

How To: Create/Add a Canned Response in Asset Infinity

Canned Responses in Asset Infinity refer to certain fixed responses that can be recorded against each ticket type depending on the organization's business requirements. These can also be said to be the predefined responses/template answers to certain commonly asked questions/commonly raised ticket types. Using Asset Infinity, you can create/add these Canned Responses as follows:

Menu > Helpdesk > Helpdesk Settings > Canned Responses

Canned responses are predefined answers to commonly asked questions.

On this screen, user can create different Canned Responses

Click on ‘Create’ button.

Upon clicking, following form will appear:

Type in the Canned Response and map it with available ticket types in the ticket type dropdown.

Click on save.

This will add a canned response in the system.

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