How To: Create User-Wise Asset/Item List

How To: Create User-Wise Asset/Item List

Account Log in>Reports>Asset Management>User wise asset/item list 


How to create a user-wise asset/item list – A user-wise asset/item list provides a categorized view of assets or items based on their assigned users or owners. It allows users to easily track and manage assets or items based on the individuals or departments responsible for their use or custody within the organization. 


After logging in to your Asset Infinity account and go to Reports module and then select asset management. 



Then click on User Wise Asset/Item List, this will display all the assets and items with the details of users and departments along with other parameters. 


Then we can select the required assets/items according to our needs and click on save as report icon in the top right corner. By utilizing a user-wise asset/item list, users can effectively track and manage assets or items based on their assigned users or owners. This allows for better accountability, improved asset utilization, streamlined asset allocation, and overall efficient management of assets or items within the organization. 


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