How To: Manage/Understand Scanned Barcodes in Asset Infinity

How To: Manage/Understand Scanned Barcodes in Asset Infinity

Navigate to:

Menu > System Logs > Barcodes Scanned

Click on the ‘New’ button.

(You can also modify the existing templates by clicking on the ‘Edit’ icon.)


A pop up will appear asking you to enter the properties of the barcode template:



After defining the properties click on ‘Continue’ button.

Upon clicking, following screen will appear:


This editor offers various types of settings.

See the panel on the right.

You can customize the barcode as per your requirements.


Setting up a Barcode (QR with a couple of asset fields)


To set up a new barcode/QR code, click (one time) on the barcode or the QR code, then click on the grid below.

Please refer to the following image:



Once you click on the grid, the element that you selected will appear on the grid.

Resize it according to your need.

Please refer to the following image:


Following the same method, click on the text icon ‘AB’ (one time) then click on the grid below:

Resize it to match your requirements.

Please refer to the following image:


While the text box is selected, on the right pane, scroll down to find the ‘Data Field’ option.

Select the field that you want to display on the QR code (Asset Code, Asset Name etc.).

Please refer to the following image:


Once you pick a placeholder (from the data field dropdown), the element will be marked with a small blue icon depicting that it has been associated with a data field.

Once you are done, click on the save icon.

That’s it!

Your QR code is now ready for use.


Printing the QR Stickers

Go to the asset list, select the assets for which you want to print the barcode.

Click on the generate stickers button.

Please refer to the following image:


Upon clicking, a popup will appear.

Please refer to the following image:



You can preview the stickers here.

Click on the print button and it will redirect you to a new tab, containing the pdf of the stickers.

Please refer to the following image:



You can print or save the stickers from this page.

If you don’t like the stickers then you can always go back and edit the template, again.

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