How To: Understand the Completed Activities Report in Asset Infinity

How To: Understand the Completed Activities Report in Asset Infinity

The completed Activities report helps us see and understand all the information like the location, the assignee to whom the activity was assigned, and other important information related to all the activities which were completed by us scheduled through our asset infinity application. 

It can be reached by: 

Menu > Reports > Schedules & Maintenance > Completed Activities Report 

 We will see the following screen: 




Here, we can see all the activities which were completed by the assignee in the form of a Grid. 

We can see here, the coloured boxes shown in the Red Rectangle. These give us the option of saving as Report or Widget, Exporting the data as PDF or Excel File, Refreshing the data to reflect any new additions and Grid Settings to tailor the information grid according to our requirements by making changes to it. 




We can increase the per page records that will be shown, by clicking on Showing Records Dropdown which can be seen within the Red Rectangle in the above image. 




Here, we will also see a drop down shown above in the Red Rectangle Shape where “Default View” is written. This means that the Activities Completed Report which will be shown below will be in the default view which has been provided. We can also create our own custom view by clicking on the “+” Button on the right of “Default View”. 


We can set an Activity Based Filter in which we can select if we only want to see the activities related to our assets which we scheduled or we can choose to see only those activities which are not related to any asset. When we click on the “Run Report” Button, the applicable information will be shown in the information grid.

Here we can see all the columns related to the activity which we performed and completed.

We see the Location where the activity was performed, the Date on which the activity completed, the Due Date which was set for the activity completion. 

The Activity Number is autogenerated as soon as the activity is created. 

 If we move ahead: 


We see here, the name of the assignee who completed a particular activity. 

If the Activity was associated with an Asset, the Asset Code is also visible in this grid. This is followed by the Asset Name as well. 

The Type of the activity which was performed is mentioned. This can be related to the usage measurement which is represented as Utility in the above image, or it can be related to other type of activities such as maintenance etc. 

 If any files are uploaded with that, then those will be shown in the “Upload Files” Column. If the activity was performed by a Vendor, then the vendor name will also be visible. 


This is how we can see and interpret the completed activities information. 

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