How To Manage Inventory Movement Status l Application Settings

Managing Inventory Movement Status

Inventory Movement Status 

Menu > Application Settings > Inventory Movement Status 


Inventory Movement Status helps to track the movement of inventory with respect to stocks and their locations.  

 When the user clicks on Inventory Movement Status, the below screen opens up: 


There are three movement types added by default  

  • Add 

  • Move 

  • Draw 

User is required to add Inventory Status under these heads depending upon the movement of stock. 



Select Movement Type from the Drop-down. Add Movement Name in the respective field and click on Save button.  

For example, when stock is added to an inventory item, it can be either opening stock or purchased stock. Therefore, for purchases, under Add Movement Type write “Purchase” as movement status. Click on Save and the new movement status gets added to the list. 


​The created Movement status will be displayed in the grid below: 



All Movement status created for the inventory can be managed through this grid with the icons on the top right of the grid with options to Add, View, Edit, Delete, and Export to Excel. Once an inventory movement status has been used in the system, it cannot be deleted. 

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