How To Manage Notifications l Advanced Settings l Asset Infinity

Manage Notifications

Manage Notifications 

Menu > Advanced Settings > Manage Notifications 




Users can manage notifications that they receive through the Application. There are three types of notification which can be controlled through this window. 

Users can simply check the box against the medium through which they wish to receive notifications. 

Notifications can be received through three medium types: 

  • E-Mail: An E-mail from the Application. 

  • SMS: A detail of the task or transaction directly delivered to the user mobile phone through an integrated SMS gateway 

  • Mobile App Notification: A badge on the app and notification in the notification bar. 





The type of notification against the available medium of sending notifications is visible. There are several columns on the grid that can be viewed as explained below 







User can choose email medium to be notified for the given list of transactions 

User can configure the email gateway in the Application (In case user wishes to configure, they can connect with Asset Infinity Support team). 


User can choose SMS medium to be notified for the given list of transactions 

User can configure the SMS gateway in the application. (In case user wishes to configure, they can connect with Asset Infinity Support team). 

Mobile App Notification 

User can choose the medium Mobile App Notification to be notified for the given list of transactions 

Depending upon the user’s selection, they will be notified according to  Mobile Notification. 


Click on Save to save all the changed settings. 

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