How To Manage Departments l Application Settings l Asset Infinity

Managing Departments

Managing Departments 

Menu > Application Settings > Department  


In Asset Infinity, an asset can be assigned to a Department for managing assets.   



The page is used to add departments for users according to their functions. The user requires to enter details to create Department, whereas the list of created departments will be displayed in the grid i.e. Department List 



The fields visible on this page are explained in the table below, 








User is required to enter a name for the Department. 



Department Code 

User can create a Code for the Department.  


Department Code is auto-generated, if not entered manually. First 3 letters of the Department name are used. 

Contact Person 

From the drop-down list, assign a contact person for the Department created. 


User should exist in the application. 


Detail about the functions or any other additional information, as required. 




Users can also View, Edit, and Delete. A Department cannot be deleted if it is already in use. Users can Export the list of Departments to Excel as well. 

On-Demand configurations 


  • check can be established to verify if the Department Code is unique for every department. 


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