How To Manage Taxes and Tax Groups l Application Settings

Managing Tax & Tax Groups

Tax Settings 

Menu > Application Settings > Tax Settings 


Through Tax Settings, users can enter tax slabs to carry out different transactions in Asset Infinity. These taxes can be used while discarding an asset. While generating a Purchase Order, assets or purchases can be defined under specific GST tax slabs. 


The Taxes and Tax Groups created will be displayed in the same grid. User can Edit and Delete Taxes and Tax Groups: 

Tax Group cannot be deleted if it holds a certain number of Taxes in it.  

Creating Tax Groups 


The user is required to first create a tax group from creating a button in the Tax Group grid. Users can add multiple Tax groups. 


To add Tax Groups: 


Tax GroupEnter the name of the Tax Group in the pop-up and click on the Save button. 

The Tax Group created will appear in the drop-down list while adding Taxes: 



Adding Taxes 


Tax Name: Enter a Tax name 

Tax Rate (%): Add tax rate applicable in %  

Tax Group:  Add tax group in a tax. In the drop-down, all the created tax groups are displayed.  

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