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Managing Ticket Types

Managing Ticket Types

Menu > Application Setting > Ticket Type 

A Ticket Type can be created by the user as per organization requirements, e.g IT Ticket Types are issues related specifically to application, hardware, network etc. 




 The below page opens, with the given Form Fields. User can fill the form to create a Ticket type: 






Parent Ticket Type 

It is a broad heading under which the user can add individual Ticket Types. Select a Ticket Type from Drop-down for the Ticket Type category. 


Ticket Type 

Enter name of the Ticket Type  



Select the category of the assets to map with the ticket type 


Activity Type 

Select an Activity Type to map it with Ticket Type. The user can also choose to close the Activity type mapped with the Ticket Type 



Here user can mention the reason to be mapped with Ticket Type which will be useful at the time of closing the Activity/Ticket (when you mark Check Box as done when closing the Ticket/Activity). 



Here a user can map the Ticket Type with the user role. 


Re-Open Allowed Till 

Here a user can mention the time period within which a particular ticket type can be re-opened after closing it. The time period can be selected from Drop-down or can be customized.  


Is OTP Required 

A check box provided to check the box when an OTP is needed to close a particular Ticket Type 


 (To know more about the Ticket Type,Category,Activity Type,Reason click on... and to know about the role click on...)

The Ticket Type added will be displayed in the list on the same page in the grid. User can search the Ticket Types through Search filter. 




There are several columns on the grid that can be viewed. These are explained below: 




Ticket Type 

User can view the assigned name of the Ticket Type 

Parent Ticket Type 

User can view name of the Parent Type the Ticket Type is linked to. 


User can view name of the Category mapped with the Ticket Type 


User can view name of the role mapped to the Ticket Type 

Activity Type 

Name of the Activity Type mapped with the Ticket Type 


User can view the reason mapped with the Ticket Type 

Close Activity When Ticket Is Closed 

User can opt to close the activity once Ticket is closed 

Created Date 

User can view the creation date of the Ticket Type 

Created By 

User can view the person name who created the Ticket Type 


The user can EditViewDelete and Export to Excel the Ticket Type present in the grid. Only those Ticket Types not in use can be deleted. 



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