How To Manage Receive Goods Notification l Purchase Requisition

Managing Receive Goods Notification (GRN)

Creating Receive Goods Notification (GRN) 

Menu > Help Desk > Receive Goods 


Once the order is confirmed, Purchase Order is sent by the customer to the vendor. A Delivery Note is issued by the vendor along with the dispatch of the required merchandise. The customer creates a GRN for the goods received to add them to the system. 

Once the user clicks on Receive Goods, a new screen appears and the list of Purchase Orders will open up: 


Users can filter Purchase Orders based on Created Date, PO StatusThe PO statuses can be explained as: 

  1. Pending: POs against which no GRN has been generated 

  1. Partially Received: POs for which goods have been received partially. 

  1. Received: The whole items/assets have been received against the PO generated. 

  1. Force Close: When PO was generated but transaction was canceledthe PO Is closed without GRN 

  1. Force Close (partial received): Partial GRN was released and pending PO was suspended 

Select a Purchase Order from the gridand click on the Create Receive Goods button. A form will open: 


The Fields visible above are explained below,  






PO #  

PO number as per the selected PO from the list 


This is disabled field 

Receive Goods # 

A number for the reference. 


Leave blank for GRN number to be auto-generated  

Select a user from the Drop-down. 



Receive date 

Date on which goods were received. 


By defaultthis can be a current or future date. 

Invoice Number  

A number for the reference. 


Will not be auto-generated 


Add comments 



Upload files  

Attach a file, if needed. 


User can upload multiple files. 

Received Qty. 

Quantity received out of total quantity ordered 


If receivables were checked right while generating PO. 


Click on Save button, if you have received the whole quantity or there was no check on receivables while generating the POThe list of items or assets gets updated in the system. 


The Next button will appear only if the materials in the PO imply as receivableIf the required materials/goods are non-receivable, then only the Savebutton will bind on the page. Once the user clicks on the Next button, an inbuilt spreadsheet opens up. 



If the user has received a partial quantity against the generated PO, they can enter the quantity received in the field and click on Next. This will take the user to a new page where they will see an Excel format window where they can enter further details about Items/assets received and then click on Save to load these items/assets to the application. 



Managing Goods Receipt Note 


In the grid below, the goods receipt note created will be reflected: 




Receive Goods#  

Goods received number generated for received commodities. 

PO Number 

PO number against which GRN is raised. 

Received By 

Nameof the user (goods received by) 

Received Date 

GRN created date 


Users can print the GRN by picking the GRN from the list and clicking on the Print button. 


Receiving Partial Goods and Total Goods 


Only if the materials in the PO imply receivable, then the user can see an open-input field, where they can enter the quantity received out of the total ordered quantity. In this case, the PO remains Open and Status is displayed as partially received.   


On-Demand Configurations 


  • A check can be configured such that Receiving Date should be greater than the Invoice Date or Invoice Date should be greater than the Receiving Date. 

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