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Raising Activity Through Ticket

Raising Activity Through Ticket 

Bell Icon > Pending Tickets / Homepage > Helpdesk > Manage Tickets 




Select the ticket using the filters: 





Select the location from the Drop-down to filter out tickets. 

User Group 

User can select the User Group from the Drop-down to filter tickets on the basis of assigned group 


User can filter tickets based on Priority. whether high or low.  

Reported Date 

User can select the reporting date range from the Drop-down  


It is a universal search filter to filter tickets in the grid 


User can filter out tickets on the basis of assignee which the user can select from the Drop-down 


User can filter out tickets on the basis of Status which are classified into four types - OpenClosedAssignedHold 

Closer Date 

User can select the Closer Date range to search for the specific ticket from the Drop-down 

Ticket Type 

User can filter tickets on the basis of Ticket Type by selecting from the Drop-down 



A new screen opens up: 


If the user wants to schedule an activity on a given ticket, they have to select the check box of Enter Item, Vendor or Amount Details: 



If in a given ticket there are Multiple Activity Type mapped with the Ticket Type, the user will view separate Activity Details box for a particular activity at the time of creating activity on the given ticket. 



If there is Single Activity Type mapped with the ticket typethere will be only single activity detail box displayed at the time of creating the activity on a given ticket. 








Activity Type 

Select the activity type from the Drop-down. Under the single activity type, all tickets can be viewed in Drop-down. For multiple activity types, it will be mapped according to the ticket type 




User can select the assignee from the Drop-down or it will be mapped according to the ticket group 



Start Date 

User can select the start date for the given activity 



User group 

User can select the user group from the Drop-down  



Vendor Name 

User can select the vendor name from the Drop-down 




User can mention the amount related to activity  



Attach Files 

User can attach single/multiple files from the system to the application 



Inventory Location 

User can select the inventory location when they want to consume any item from the inventory.  





After filling all the details, if the user wants to consume any item from the inventory, they can choose the Inventory location first, then press ADD button. Here, user can select the item from the Drop-down. After selecting the item, user can view the available stock quantity and then enter the quantity for the consumption. (A user can create multiple entries for the inventory consumption. After providing all the valid details, select Save option by providing a remark. Now the activity will be created in the application. 


Closing Activity 


If a user created an activity under a ticket and the activity is deleted or closed on completion, then given activity field Enter Item, Vendor or Amount details will be visible but the field will be disabled. 


If the user wants to close the activity with the closing of the ticket, they can mention through by marking the checkbox of Closing activity when ticket is closed in the Ticket Type master. 

A user can only create the activity once under a given ticket. 

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