How To View Audit Report l Audits and Physical Verification

Reading Audit Report

Reading Audit Report 

Menu > Audit & Physical Verification > Audit Report 

User can view the reports of audits in which they can find details of the actions taken while performing the assigned Audit.  

User can filter Asset details on the given specifications: 




The below screen opens. From the grid, user can filter Audit on the basis of Date and Status – Pending and Complete. 







Verification Status  

Search on the basis of Pending and Complete Audit 


Calendar will open for the selection of the date range to filter the data 


It is a universal search field. From here, user can specifically search on the given fields in data 



When the user selects the Audit, the following page opens up: 




Users can view Audit NameUsers (Assigned Audit users), To Date- From DateFields to be verifiedCategory, Location and Department in the upper section. 




Audit Name 

Assigned name for the audit will be displayed here 


Name of the user to whom audit is assigned is displayed here 

To Date 

Starting date for the audit can be seen here 

From Date 

End date for the audit can be seen here 

Fields to be verified 

User can see the fields on which the audit is done e.g. Brand, Location etc. 


User can view the Category on which the audit is done 


User can view the Location on which the audit is done 


User can view the Department which are related to the audit 


Assets present in the grid can be filtered on the basic of given filters mentioned under: 




 Verification Status 

No action/Present/Not Present/Present with Incorrect Data status binding in Drop-down to filter data 

Assignee To  

Here Users binding in Drop-down to filter the data  

Date Verification 

Calendar will open for selection of date range to filter data 


It is universal search. Filter work on the mentioned fields in the grid. 


After applying the filter, the search data will come up under the given fields in the grid. 




Asset Code 

The assigned code to the given asset will be displayed here 

Asset Name 

User can view name of the asset 

Assign To 

Assigned person to a given asset can be seen here 

Date Verified 

User can view the date of verification of the given assets 

Verification Status 

Status can be divided into four types - No Action, Present, Not Present, Present with Incorrect Data, Extra 

Fields of Audit 

Here user view the fields on which the audit is being done e.g. Brand 


Whenever user makes correction in assets and inputs remarks, those will be seen here 

Modified Details 

During audit, if user finds incorrect information presented for the given assets in the audit, they can change information like Brand, Location etc. All the changes thus made in the details of the assets while auditing can see in Modified Details. 


Extra Assets Grid 


In the Extra Assets grid on the same page, user can view the assets that were not present in the application but added during the audit. 




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