How To Set up Barcode Scanner on Zebra or Motorola Android Handhelds for the Application

Setting up Barcode Scanner on Zebra/Motorola Android Handhelds for the Application

Setting up Asset Infinity Profile 

  1. Open DataWedge App provided by the manufacturer. 

  1. Press the Hamburger menu and select New Profile.   

  1. Name the profile Asset Infinity. 

  1. Click on the new Asset Infinity profile. 

  1. Click Associatedapps. 

  1. Press the Hamburger menu and select New App/Activity. Scroll down the list and select com.assetinfinity.   

  1. Select the first option * 


Screen - 1                              Screen - 2 


8. Navigate back to the Asset Infinity profile. 

9. Make sure Barcode Input is enabled with a checkmark and the desired Scanner is selected. 

10. Make sure Keystroke Output is disabled. 

11. Make sure Intent Output is enabled with a checkmark. 


Screen - 1                                       Screen - 2                                       Screen- 3 


12. Set the Intent Action to com.assetinfinity.intent.RECEIVE_SCAN 

13. Set intent Delivery to Broadcast intent. 



                                                    Screen - 4                                                                    


Importing a Configuration File 

Note that this method should be used only if DataWedge is only to be used with Asset Infinity.  Importing this configuration file will remove any other DataWedge profiles on the device. 

  1. Download datawedge.db file to the device. 

  1. In DataWedge, press the hamburger menu and select Settings. 

  1. Press Import - Import DataWedge configuration. 

  1. Browse to the saved location of the datawedge.db file and select it to import. 




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