How To Set-Up Printer For Barcode or QR-Code Sticker Format in Windows OS

Setting-Up Printer for Barcode/QR-Code Sticker Format in Windows OS

Setting-Up Printer for Barcode/QR-Code Sticker Format in Windows OS? 


User needs to first install a recommended printer driver that supports their hardware. 


Steps for printer page setup: 

  1. Go to Control panel > Hardware & Sound > Devices & Printer 

  1. Right-click on Printer and select Printing Preference 

  1. Go to Page Set Up. 

  1. Click on New. 



5. Enter new label detail & size. 





6. Go to the Stock Tab 




7. Change method to Thermal Transfer. 

8. Change type to Labels with Gaps 

9. Save the details. 

10. Select this newly set label New stock on print preview screen while printing the labels using Asset Infinity application. 






Click on the Print button. Labels get printed. 

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