How To Generate Status-Wise Asset Count Report l Reports

Status-Wise Asset Count Report

Status-Wise Asset Count Report 

Reports > Asset Management > Status- Wise Asset Count 


User can obtain the count of assets on the basis of their status. This report displays the count of Assets for all status under Allotted, Unallotted and Discarded categories. 



Filter assets by selecting multiple asset categories, locations and status from the Drop-down list: 




After filtering out data, the count of assets can be viewed under different status that will be displayed according to Location.  



Also, according to the Category 


If the user wants to export the report, they can select the option mentioned next to Cross icon used for data export, as mentioned below: 

  1. Export to Excel: Through this option, user can export all the data into Excel format. 
  2. ‚ÄčRefresh: Through this option, user can refresh the report in the grid. 


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