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Transferring Assets

How to Transfer Assets? 

Select Asset(s) > Transfer Asset 


Initiate asset transfer by selecting an asset from the asset grid on the dashboard. The asset can be transferred from one user to another or from one location to another or a combination of both. 


A pop-up form opens up: 


The status can be changed by the user for the assets being transferred. The user requires filling in details for the fields. Custom fields visible on this pop-up may vary according to the status type selected: 







User can select Condition from the Drop-down.  


Condition is the physical state of an asset. 

Transfer Status  

Select Status from the Drop-down. Depending upon the status selected, fields bind accordingly.  


If the status is un allotted type, then Transferred to and Allotted Up to fields will not be displayed. 


Add Department from the Drop-down list. 




Select Location from the Drop-down.  


Users in the Drop-down appear as per location selected. 

Transferred To   

User can select Transferred to from the Drop-down. 



Allotted Up to  

Asset can be allotted only on the basis of current and future date, but not previous date. 




Add a remark. 



Upload Files  

Upload reference files for asset(s). 



Transfer CC  

Users added will be included in CC for Transfer notification email.  


email ID should be separated using semi-colons. 


Print transfer document giving details of the asset(s) being transferred from one location to another location or between users. Once the transfer process is initiated in the application, the user concerned is notified by email. 

Standard Configuration 
  • It can be configured whether the asset being transferred can have the same location as it was already at. 

  • Users will bind according to the accessible location rights of the user. 

  • Users will bind according to the accessible department rights of the user. 

  • Asset code should be changed as per location code or not 

  • Partner Field Drop-down can be added/removed using configuration. 

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