How To Create Status Types l Application Settings l Asset Infinity

Creating Status Types

Understanding Status Types 


Status denotes the allotment of an Asset. There are three types of status: 

  1. AllottedAssetsAssets allotted to a particular user and are in use. 

  1. Unallotted Assets - Assets not allotted to any user and are in stock. 

  1. DiscardedAssets - This status is used only when an asset is discarded or will not be used anymore. 

Creating New Status 


Application Settings > Status 


The below screen opens up:  



A new screen appears. 


The fields visible here can be explained as: 





Status Type  

Single select drop down. There are three default status types present in the application – Allotted AssetsUnallotted Assets and Discarded Assets.  




Define the status of the asset i.e. if it is allotted to a user or not. 




Managing Status Grid 


User can select from the following options: 

  1. Create Add new status 

  1. Edit - User can select a Status Type and Edit 

  1. View - User can view complete information for the selected Status Type 

  1. Delete - User can select and delete Status Type. If Status Type was ever used in the application, it cannot be deleted from the application. 




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