How To View Utility Change Log Report l Utility Monitoring

Utility Change Log Report

Utility Change Log Report

Menu > Usage > Utility Activity Change log Report 

Here, the user can view the report on any changes done in the setting of the meter.


When user clicks on Utility Change Log Report, a new screen pops up. 

When any change is done in the setting of the meter, it will be reflected in the grid. For filtering out data, there are some filters:




Specify the date or the time period to get relevant results 


Specify the meter name to filter out data 


User can filter out data on the basis of Assignee 

In the grid, user can see the data of Utility Change Log Report categories under fields as shown below: 



Activity No 

User can see the activity no. assigned at the time of creating the activity 

Meter Type 

User can view Name of the Meter Type 

Date & Time 

User can see data and time  

Recording Time 

User can see the time when it is recorded 


User has to mention reading of the particular meter 

RAG Rating 

A Column is added to the grid which shows the colors Red, Green and Amber, based on the Meter Reading ranges. 

(A) RED, if value crosses the min or max range. 
(B) AMBER, if it touches 10% of minimum or max range 
(C) GREEN, if reading is within the range 

Asset Location 

User can find the location of the given asset in the grid 

Warning Range 

User can see the warning range of the given meter 


User can see the Assignee of the given meter 


User can see remarks, if there are any 



If a user wants to export the Change Log Report, they can simply select Export To Excel icon, next to the Cross icon on top right corner. 

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