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Viewing all inventory transactions

Viewing all inventory transactions

Homepage > Reports > Inventory Management > View All Transactions 

The Inventory transaction report helps the user view and track the movement of Inventory Items for different locations. 

Filter the report on the basis of:  

Field Name              


Movement Type  

 Select Movement type Add, Move and Draw from Drop-down. 

Movement Type Status  

Select Movement Type Purchase, Issue and Opening Stock from Drop-down. 

From Date  

Select Start date.  

To Date  

Select End date.  

From Location  

Select the initial Location at least 3 to 4 characters 

To Location  

Select the destination Location  


User can select the Item   

Transaction By  

User can select the name of the user who performed the transaction 


User can search the Item by Item Name, Movement Type status, Movement Type and Transaction By. 


User can select the vendor. 

The inventory transactions performed are displayed in the grid below the filter dashboard and can be exported to Excel. 

Manage gird 


If a user wants to Manage the Grid, there is an icon on top of the screen next to Export to Excel icon from where they can manage the grid and export, as explained below:  


  • Grid: Users can manage the order of the columns under the grid by scrolling the column and can also Hide/Unhide columns. This can be done by marking the checkbox under Grid column.  

  • Export: User can manage the column order in the file which a user downloads from the system through Export to Excel option. Users can also Hide/Unhide columns from the export by which the user will or will not see the columns in the exported data file. All this can be done through marking checkbox under the Export column. 

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