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            How to Add Stock to Your Spare Inventory Items?

            To “Add” inventory to an inventory item, go to the home screen, on the tracker click on the Inventory button and select Manage Inventory. As the user clicks on the Manage Inventory, select an item from the list in the grid and click on the Add Inventory button as shown in the screen given below. The same can be done in case of multiple items.
            When the user clicks on the Add Inventory button, the pop-up opens up with the following fields:

            1. Vendor Name - Name of the vendor 
            2. Registration Code - Vendor’s registration ID
            3. Email - Vendor’s email ID  
            4. Contact Number - Contact person’s  number
            5. Contact Person - Name of the contact person 
            6. Address 1 - Primary Address of the vendor 
            7. Address 2 - Alternative address of the vendor 
            8. City - Name of the city 
            9. State - Name of state 
            10. Postal Code - Postal code  
            11. Pan No. - PAN no. 
            12. VAT No. - VAT no. 
            13. CST No. - CST No. 
            14. GST No. - GST No. 
            15. Remark Notes - Notes about Vendor 
            16. As a Customer - If the checkbox is marked Yes if not the field will display No. 

            Click on the Save button to update the stock, you can also print the sheet for a physical record.
            Updated: 17 Dec 2019 01:44 PM
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