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            Asset Category

            The purpose of Category is to define the asset type or set attributes for assets. User requires selecting “Asset Category” under Application settings to create a category. When asset category is selected, the form given below opens:

            Screen-1 Asset Category (in application settings)

            The page given below will open: 

            Screen-2 Asset Category 
            1.  Parent Category – User requires selecting a category from drop down list. User cannot enter a new Category that is not present. Category created previously will only be available in the parent category drop-down.
            2. Category - Enter a name according to the type of assets. It is a mandatory field and category name should be unique.
            3. Category Code - The Category should be of three characters only. If the user does not assign a code the system will generate a code from three initial character of the Category.
            4. Default Transfer Duration - User can define a time period after which the asset of the Category will be disabled.
            5. Cascade - User requires marking the check box to apply cascade. If user marks the checkbox the default time duration for the parent category will be applied to the child or if the category is new, cascade will be applied to its child category. 
            6. Default Activity Schedules for Assets in this category – Create Activity schedules for number of Assets that are added under the category by default.
            7. User can create both parent and child category. The form requires to be updated to create category whereas grid displays the list of categories created in application.
            8. User cannot delete a Category if it is already in use. User can view, edit or delete the categories created in the application. List can be exported to excel as well. 

            Updated: 19 Jul 2019 06:34 PM
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