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            Asset Location

            Go to the Menu; under the Import data accordion click on "Asset Location" to add location in bulk.

            The locations will be added in the Parent-child format.

            1. Parent Location Name – Single select dropdown option to select a location. To create a parent location, first location needs to be created.

            2. Location – Text field to enter a new location.

            3. Location Code – Location code can be entered manually, if not system will auto generate location code as first 3 letters of location. (What if 2 locations have  4 similar name how will auto generation work?)

            4. Primary Location Head – Single select dropdown options

            5. Alternate Location Head – Multi select dropdown options
            6. Description – Text field to enter details

            7.  Inventory Location – Checkbox

            8. Cascade - Checkbox

            Updated: 05 Jul 2019 01:28 AM
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