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            Asset Movement Summary

            To view asset movement summary, click on the "Reports" button and select Movement Summary under the Asset Management category:

             Screen-1 Report button on dashboard
            1. This reports helps in obtaining the list of Assets on the basis of transactions performed on them with respect to their status i.e Allotted, Unallotted, Discarded and updated in bulk within a given time period.The user can select from the multi select drop down in the Movement Type.
            2. Select date range in the filter field for more accurate summary. To view movement summary through any other details use the search field.
            3. The list displays the name of user in – Done by, Transferred to and Discarded/Sold to

             Screen-2 Movement Type filter

             Screen-3 Movement Type generated after applying filters

            The following details will be reflected in the grid a:
            1. Movement Type: The movement type is status of the asset or it's movement from one status to another.
            2. Date & Time: Date and time at which the asset status was moved.
            3. To Location: Asset location where asset is transferred from it's original location.
            4. Done By: Name of user
            5. Sold/Discarded To: Name of Vendor
            6. Asset: Asset name
            7. Files: Files uploaded while discarding or transferring asset.
            8. Summary generated can be exported to excel.

            Updated: 07 Jul 2019 08:21 PM
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