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            Audit Report

            The users can view the reports of audits performed under Audit & Physical verification in Audit ReportThe user can filter the Asset details on the given specifications:

            The screen given below opens, from the grid the user can filter audit on the basis of date and audit status – Pending and Complete.

            1. Verification status - No action / Present / Not Present / Present with incorrect data status bind in drop-down to filter the data.
            2. Assigned to - Users bind in drop-down to filter the data
            3. Date verified - Calendar will open for the selection of date range  to filter the data.
            4. Search - Universal search field.

            When the user selects the Audit, following page opens up:

            1. Users can view Audit Name, Users (Assigned Audit users), To Date- From Date, Fields to be verified, Category, Location and Department in the upper section.
            2. In the grid below, all the asset details are covered like Asset code, name, category, status,department, condition etc. Assets present in the grid can be filtered.
            3. In the extra assets grid on the same page, the assets that were not present in the application but added during audit.

            Updated: 02 Jul 2019 10:26 PM
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