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            How to Customize Your Barcode Templates?

            To customize Bar code Template, go to Advanced Settings and click on the Bar code Template

            Screen-1 Bar code Template under advanced settings

            The screen given below appears:

            Screen-2 Bar code Template customization page
            1. Enter name of the template in Template Name.
            2. Users can add description of the template as well.
            3. Customize the width and height of the template by dragging the button present on the scale.
            4. Free Text can be used to display fixed text on the template. Drag and place a Free Text on the template and double-click to modify the text
            5. Click on the "Save" button. The template will be displayed in the grid on the same page. Users can edit and delete the templates from the grid.
            6. Affix the barcode sticker on each asset.The users can perform Audits and physical verification and track assets for Locations.

            Screen-3 List of Bar code Templates

            Updated: 17 Dec 2019 03:11 PM
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