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            Barcodes Scanned

            To view the assets with bar codes scanned. To view the report, go to the Menu; click on the System Log select Bar codes Scanned:

            The user can also scan asset location by clicking on map button (scan location) on the grid. Filter the Assets on the basis of Date range, Category, Location and Assets. Based upon the user’s selection the details will be displayed in the grid:

            1. Asset Code - Code for the asset
            2. Asset Name - Name of the asset
            3. Category - Category of the asset
            4.Brand  - Brand name asset belongs to
            5. Serial Number - Serial number of the Asset
            6. Authorised – If the Asset is present in the application or not.
            7. Scan Date - Date of scanning
            8. Asset Location - Location of Asset
            9. Scan Location - Location at the time of scan
            10. Scan by - Name of the user 
            11. Assignee - Name of the user to whom the scanning is assigned.

            The same report can be exported to excel.

            Updated: 11 Jul 2019 06:12 PM
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