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            Capture / Update Metering

            To capture the consumption readings, go to the Notification Bell icon, and click on Pending Activity (The count of Activities pending is also displayed):

            The pending activity page helps the user to manage the usage based activities as well. The following page appears when the user clicks on the Pending Activity:

            The user can filter the Utility based on Date, Activity type (Utility for Usage Consumption), Assignee, Location, Status (Overdue, Today and Planned) and through search field add button to be more specific.

            1. Date - Date range
            2. User Group - The group of  users to whom the Activity is assigned (For Activity/Ticket only).
            3. Assignee - User to whom task is assigned
            4. Status Status of Activity - Overdue, Today and Planned
            5. Location - Location of monitoring
            6. Activity Type - Type of activity scheduled
            1. To View and Update a Utility, the user is required to click on the Utility, the pop-up window appears. In all the cases i.e. View/Update/Capture meter readings the same pop-up window opens up.
            2. Only the assigned user can update the Utility, the user can update only fields enabled for editing like Assignee, Upload Files, email CC, remarks and readings, click on the Save button.
            3. The Utility pop-up can be divided into three sections, the first represents the basic details;
            1. Asset Name - Name of the asset linked to utility, if any
            2. Assignee User - to whom monitoring is assigned. You can assign the activity to another user while updating.
            3. Activity Type - Type of activity associated (Utility)
            4. Asset Location - Location of Asset
            5. Due Date - Date till which the usage has to be monitoring.
            6. Next Due - Date Next date on which the recording has to be done. Once the user saves the reading, the monitoring is closed for next due date.
            7. Description - Description about the utility
            8. Files - Any files uploaded concerned to the Activity 
            9. Upload Files - The user can upload new files like pdf, image etc while updating a Utility.
            10. Remarks - Any remark added for the activity will be displayed. The user can update the remark as well.

            The  user can capture the meter reading in the section given below:

            1. Meter Type - The meter type denotes the type of utility to be monitored.
            2. Recording Time - Time of recording 
            3. Reading - Value recorded
            4. Additional Units - If the user has allowed Additional Units the column to add additional units is added in the section.

            The last section displays the Warning Details, the warning notification is sent to the concerned users when the Reading is above the budgeted amount.

            1. Warning Name - Name of warning depending upon the set value while creating a utility
            2. Meter Type - The meter type denotes the type of utility to be monitored.
            3. Budgeted -The reading set for warning becomes the budget by default
            4. Report Based - On Report to be generated on the basis of (Unit/Amount)
            5. Warning User - Name of Users to whom warning notification has to be sent.

            Updated: 27 Jun 2019 10:30 PM
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