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            Change Log Report

            To view changes made in the user account concerning location, assets, tickets and vendors. Go to the menu; click on the System Logs accordion and select Change Log Report.

            To view the changelog the user has to apply filters first. The log can be filtered on the basis location, assets, tickets and vendors with the date and the changed by i.e. the user. Depending upon the filter, the grid will display the log:

            1. Reference No. - This field displays the asset code/vendor name/ticket no. Etc.

            2. Change date - Date and time of change

            3. Change By - User who made changes

            4. Field Type  - Type of field i.e. Main/Custom/Additional etc

            5. Field Name - Name of the field

            6. Field Action - Changes made in the field

            7. Old Value - Value before the change

            8. New Value - Updated value

            The same report can be exported to excel.

            Updated: 17 Dec 2019 08:34 PM
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