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            Close Ticket

            The user can close tickets that are open or assigned to them. To close tickets, click on the notification bell and select pending tickets:

            1. Check-in – Flip the check-in button and click save on the ticket pop-up while attending or working on the issue.
            2. Check-out – Flip the check –out button and click save on the ticket pop-up after working.
            3. Once you check-in you cannot close the ticket with check-out.
            4. The check-in and check-out button helps the user calculate the time spend while working on the issue. This time is displayed in the ticket reports – Machine Wise Breakdown Report, MTTR Report and MTBF Report.
            5. The ticket can be either associated with an activity or without an activity.(Refer to Ticket Type under Application Settings)
            6.  Remark is a mandatory field.
            7.  To close a ticket, mark the checkbox next to "Is Closed".

            Ticket Closure - Admin/user can close the ticket once the issue is resolved.

            1. Admin is authorised to close any ticket and the email present in the “Reported By” field will be notified in this case.
            2. User dashboard displays tickets assigned to user, so user can close/update information for tickets entitled to him/her.
            3. User/admin can select “Close Ticket” from pop-up by selecting a raised ticket.

            Updated: 25 Sep 2019 07:42 PM
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