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            The Utility Monitoring system that collects detailed consumption information for selected utilities serving your facility. To monitor consumption, go to the home screen, click on the hamburger icon for menu, select Usage Monitoring under the Usage accordion:
            When the user clicks on the Usage Monitoring, the screen given below appears:

            Monitoring can be tagged to an Asset or can be independent of Asset. The user is required to add some basic information to capture the consumption like Asset associated if any, Location of consumption, Occurrence, number of reminders, start-end date of usage and description. The user can also assign the task of updating the meter readings in the Assignee column.
            In the Meter tab: 
            1. Meter type: Select meter type from the drop down, the meter types created through application settings will appear in the drop down, user can add a meter type by clicking on the add button given next to the field.
            2. Feed value: Select feed value from the drop down, is the sequence in which the reading will be updated i.e. ascending or descending.
            3. Unit Rate: Enter Unit rate i.e. rate per unit
            4. Multiplication factor: Enter multiplication factor; it is the factor that is used to multiply the reading of the energy meter to get the actual energy consumption.
            5. Recording Time: Enter the time of recording for updating the meter reading.
            6. Allow additional units? Mark the checkbox to allow additional units for capturing the exact reading.

            The user is required to add Warning details for the utility created in the Warning section:
            In the Warning tab:
            1. Warning Name: Enter name for warning
            2. Meter: Select meter type from the drop down
            3. Report based on : Select the option in which the value should be reflected in the report i.e. Unit/Amount from the drop down.
            4. Send Warning At : In the Send Warning At field the users can add minimum and maximum range to receive notification when reading is beyond the set range.
            5. Warning Users: Add the users to be notified when meter reading crosses the set range.
            The Usage Monitoring created and saved will be updated in the grid below the Usage form with the following details:
            1. Asset Name - Name of the asset
            2. Start Date -  Start date for monitoring consumption.
            3. End Date - Last date to monitor consumption
            4. Assignee - Name of assignee to enter the meter reading.
            5. Location - Location of monitoring
            6. Send Reminder Escalations (Time at which the user will be notified through mail) 

            Updated: 27 Jun 2019 10:17 PM
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