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            Creating Purchase Request

            To  create a Purchase Order,go to the Helpdesk and select Purchase order: 
            While creating Purchase Order, the screen given below will appear:

            1. Select the Purchase Request # from the drop down> Enter Purchase Order #  in the given field> Select Vendor name from the drop down > Select Delivery Date, Delivery Location and Payment Terms from the drop down. The user can add payment terms that are not present in the drop down by clicking on the (+)button and upload asset related files as well.
            2. The information about the goods requested binds by default once purchase # is selected.
            3. Remove the checkbox under the Recievable column to exclude any extra goods that cannot be added as asset but required in PO for ex. Bacgpack & accesories.
            4. Enter Discount amount if required.
            5. Mark the check box to include Terms and Conditions in the Purchase Order. The user can add more Terms and Condition by clicking on the ADD button.
            6. Mark the check box to send the Purchase order to the selected Vendor in mail.
            7. The user can print the Purchase Order form for physical record by clicking on “Save As Draft”.
            8. To send the Purchase Order for approval click on “Save & Mark as Sent”
            9. The list of purchase orders with their status are displayed in the grid below on the same page:

            1. Purchase Order #

            Purchase Order No. shown.

            2. Purchase Order Date

            Purchase Order date shown.

            3. Vendor

            Selected vendor on Purchase Order shown.

            4. Delivery Date

            Delivery date of Purchase Order shown.

            5. Delivery Location

            Delivery location of Purchase Order shown.

            6. Payment Terms

            Selected Payment terms of Purchase Order shown.

            7. PO Status

            Receive Goods status shown against PO.

            Pending: When no quantity received in receive goods interface.

            Partially Received: When quantity received partially.

            Received: When whole PO quantity received.

            8. Status



            Purchase Order status shown , Save as Draft / Mark as Sent / Mark as Sent (Pending) / Mark as Sent (Approved) / Mark as Sent (Rejected)

            Save as Draft : User can edit PO Mark as Sent : User cannot edit PO

             Mark as Sent (Pending) : when workflow is set and status is pending.

            Mark as Sent (Approved) : when workflow is set and final approval status is Approved.

             Mark as Sent (Rejected) : when workflow is set and final approval status is Rejected.

            Updated: 28 Jun 2019 10:14 PM
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