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            Delete Users

            To Delete User,

            Select the user from the grid and click on the "delete" button above the grid:


            The page is used to allocate the assets/items/locations etc assigned to the user being deleted to another user. All assets or activities can be assigned to other users. Return the allotted Assets in the Allocation Transfer section while deleting a user permanently. When a user has no resources assigned it can be simply deleted using the delete button. If the user has resources allocated to it, then those resources can be transferred to another user.

            The following fields have to be filled:

            1. Assignee  (Transfer Schedule) - Transfer all schedules to other users
            2. Assignee (Transfer Pending Activity) - Assign all the Pending Activities to other users.
            3. Reporting Manager - Update the Reporting Manager
            4. Return Allotted Assets - User can view all allotted asset that have been returned. The fields given below are displayed and are mandatory.
            5. Asset Location - Location of an Asset
            6. Status - Allotment Status of an asset
            7. Condition - Physical state of an Asset
            8. Remarks - Add comments or pointers
            Click on the "save" button after updating the changes.

            Updated: 05 Jul 2019 03:44 AM
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