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            How to add Department?

            To create department, go to the application settings and click on "Department" : 

            Screen 1- Department (in application settings)
            The page is used to add departments for users according to their functions. User requires to enter the details to create department whereas the list of created departments will be displayed in the grid i.e.Department List. A department cannot be deleted if it is already in use.

            Screen 2- Department (Form fields)

            Department Form Fields:
            1. Department – The user is required to enter a name for the department. It is a mandatory field.
            2. Department Code – Create a code for the department. The department code can be up-to 3 characters.
            3. Contact Person - Assign a contact person for the department created from the drop down list.
            4. Description – Add description about the department functions or any other additional note required.
            5. User can also view, edit and delete the department created in the application.  User can export the list of department to excel as well.

            Screen 3- Department (List of departments)

            Updated: 03 Nov 2019 06:56 PM
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