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            Discard Asset

            Discard any lost or scrap using the "Discard Asset" button present above asset register on the Home page.

            Screen-1 Discard or Sell (Button) 
            Select asset(s) from the asset register and click on the discard or sell button:

            A pop-up form will open: 

            Screen-2 Discard or Sell Asset (Form)
            To discard an asset, user is required to fill all the details in the form:
            1. On the Discard Asset form, the Asset code, Asset Name and depreciation value of the selected asset(s) is displayed at the top of the form.
            2. Reason - In the Reason to for discarding asset, all the status added under the discarded assets status type are reflected appear in the drop-down list. 
            3. Date - Select date from the calendar, the asset can discarded only on the present date or future date.
            4. Vendors - All the vendors added in asset infinity will be reflected in the drop down (vendors can be added through application settings)
            5. Others - In this field, vendors or customers that are not added in asset infinity can be included. 
            6. Tax group - Select tax group from the drop-down, add tax groups through application settings.
            7. Click on the "save" button to complete the process. User can also print PDF (save & print) for physical record.

            Updated: 07 Jul 2019 10:10 PM
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